Message from the Chairman

Vincent Mutarelli

As the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for The Building & Realty Institute of Westchester and The Mid-Hudson Region (BRI) for 2021, I am pleased to follow in the footsteps of those who have served the building, realty and construction industry over the association’s incredible 75 years.

I was honored to be President of the BRI for 2018-2020. Unbeknownst to me when I took the job, my three years would see our organization go through a number of dramatic changes. We hired a new Executive Director – and only the third in BRI’s history. We had no choice but to transform the way the BRI carried out its mission due to COVID-19 and the massive changes in the real estate market prompted by the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act. We appointed our first ever CEO. And finally, I had the honor to pass “the gavel” of leadership to Lisa De Rosa, the first female president in our long history.

Since its creation, the BRI has always focused on advocating for the best interests of the realty industry to government and to the community. Our members come from all over the Hudson Valley region, from all businesses related to the building, construction, property management, development, supplier, service and professional fields. We have proven time and again to be a trusted source of knowledge and resources to our members. We look upon everything we do – from the thoughtful membership meetings on critical topics, to our successful lobbying and public relations campaigns, to our highly-informative trainings, to our ever-popular social events – as an opportunity to build stronger relationships between our different members across the industry and to help them to improve their businesses.

Should you have any questions about the BRI, its programs and membership levels, please feel free to call our main office at (914) 273.0730. I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by our level of professional service, business camaraderie and industry advocacy.

Very truly yours,
Vincent Mutarelli, Chairman of the Board
The Building & Realty Institute of Westchester and The Mid-Hudson Region (BRI)