The Building & Realty Institute is a trade association in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley. We:

  • Advocate for the best interests of the realty industry to government and the community
  • Provide knowledge and resources to our members
  • Create opportunities for our members to build relationships and improve their businesses.




The BRI engages in proactive support of the best interests of the building and realty industry to influence legislation and public policy through direct engagement with our elected officials and decision-makers, through partnership with like-minded organizations, and through clear and persuasive messaging to the general public.



BRI members work together toward a common purpose and shared goals, unifying various stakeholders into a cohesive whole, and creating synergy by combining multiple skills, experiences, and perspectives. Our collective decision making is characterized by open, honest communication, transparency, and the availability of full information to all participants. The BRI partners with allied organizations to present a unified front of the industry to government and the public.



The BRI is committed to reflecting the qualities of honesty, openness, transparency, truthfulness, trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, high standards of professional conduct and ethical behavior in our decision making, internal operations, and interactions with members and other organizations.



The BRI is an authoritative, trusted source of information on industry issues, best practices, and innovation; a thought leader in addressing industry trends, a resource of industry knowledge. The BRI promotes and enhances professional development of members and the industry as a whole.