Celebrating over 75 years as the largest, independent trade association serving the building and realty industry in Westchester County and throughout the Hudson Valley area.

Founded in 1946, our Westchester County, NY based organization has more than 1500 members, primarily in the Westchester/Mid-Hudson Valley region of the state.

The BRI is supported by a multi-talented professional and consultant staff versed in all facets of the building industry: planning, engineering, law, insurance, environmental regulations and governmental relations on a state, county and local level. Let the talented team at the BRI help you with your construction and realty industry needs!

George Frank, Executive Vice President of the BI/ BRI 1954 to 2001
Martin Berger, Past President and longtime Board Member of the BI/BRI and former Chairman, Westchester Foundation of the BI/BRI
Richard Ravitch, noted developer, philanthropist, civic leader, and Lieutenant Governor, has been a frequent speaker at BI/BRI General Membership Meetings
  • 1946
    The BI/BRI is founded as The Home Builders Association Of Westchester
  • 1951
    Safety Insurance Group 458 established
  • 1954
    George A. Frank named Executive Vice Precedent of The Builders Institute
  • 1959
    The Home Builders Association Of Westchester changes its name to The Builders Institute Of Westchester and Putnam Counties, Inc. (BI)
  • 1971
    The Apartment Owners Advisory Council (AOAC) of the BI/BRI is formed, providing the organization's first major realty component
  • 1972
    The Westchester Foundation is formed, with six representatives from the BI and six from the BTEA (Building Trades Employers Association)
  • 1978
    IMPACT Newsletter, the official publication of the BI/BRI, revises its format to become a tabloid newspaper
  • 1979
    The Cooperative and Condominium Advisory Council (CCAC) of the BI/BRI is formed to represent co-op and condominium boards
  • 1985
    The Advisory Council of Managing Agents (ACMA) of the BI/BRI is created to represent property managers of co-ops , condos and rental apartment buildings and complexes
  • 1990
    Safety Insurance Grouped 530 established
  • 2000
    The BI/BRI relocates from White Plains to Armonk
  • 2013
    The BI/BRI is honored by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for its contribution to the metropolitan area's building, realty and construction industry
  • 2016
    BI/BRI celebrates 70 years with birthday bash at Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle. Today the organization has 1,500 members in 14 counties of New York State