Cooperative and Condominium Advisory Council (CCAC)

The Cooperative and Condominium Advisory Council (CCAC)

The CCAC was formed in 1979 as a resource for elected board members of cooperatives and condominiums throughout Westchester County. Running co-ops and condos is a complicated and multi-faceted job. The purpose of the CCAC is to broaden and sharpen the knowledge of board members to meet this challenge. The CCAC helps its members with a variety of educational, information, lobbying and referral services.

Here are seven good reasons to have your co-op or condo join the association:

Networking – Belonging to the CCAC means meeting the other board members from co-ops and condos in Westchester. It means exposure to new ideas and experiences from your peers, as well as advice from experts. As a member, you’ll also belong to the Building and Realty Institute (BRI), with its considerable sources and contacts within the real estate community.

Insurance – Membership in the CCAC allows you access to New York State Workers’ Compensation Group 530. More than 500 co-ops and condos are members of the group, which helps cut the high costs of compensation insurance. Other insurance services are available through our insurance manager, Levitt-Fuirst Associates. Look here for further information.

Referral Services – The CCAC draws upon the formidable resources of the Building and Realty Institute (BRI) for referrals on a variety of services for board members. Whether your board needs legal advice, investment counseling, real estate expertise or help with maintenance problems, a quick call to the CCAC can help solve your problem. The association has hundreds of member supplier, service and professional firms at your fingertips.

Information – Members of the CCAC receive IMPACT, a monthly newspaper. The publication covers key realty, building, business and construction news. Articles on realty management, banking, personal finance and new industry developments appear regularly in the publication. Members also receive periodic bulletins and notices on issues and events that are applicable to the duties and interests of board members.

Lobbying – Co-ops and condos can feel at ease knowing that the CCAC is their lobbying representative. The association maintains close contact with government officials to stay informed of any laws or regulations that may affect co-ops and condos.

Education – The CCAC is proud of its continuing efforts to educate board members in every aspect of governing and managing co-ops and condos. Experts in real estate, law, insurance and utilities participate in the programs. The association has sponsored hundreds of membership meetings and seminars in recent years.

Negotiations with Service Workers – Many co-ops and condos draw heavily on the services of union workers. Board members are often called upon to deal with those workers in an effort to provide efficient, well-running services for the residents of the co-op or condo community. The CCAC is equipped to negotiate with Local 32/B-J, which represents building superintendents, handymen and porters. The association retains experts in labor negotiations to help those efforts. The organization is joined in negotiations with its affiliate association, The Building and Realty Institute (BRI). Your co-op and condo can join with more than 500 other buildings and complexes in a unified negotiating unit. The unit will represent your building or complex in an experienced and cost-efficient manner. Details are available in the attached membership application.

Suppliers, service firms and professionals are eligible to promote their products and services to the CCAC through membership in the Building and Realty Institute (BRI). The result is the opportunity for interaction with hundreds of co-op and condo board members, as well as property managers. Information on BRI membership is available on the association’s home page.

Rent Laws & Lease Renewal

Click here to download the 2019 Rent Laws Summary (PDF File)

Description 1-Year Term 2-Year Term
Renewal Leases between 10/1/19 and 9/30/20 1.75% 2.75%

No discussion was held by the board related to Guideline increases where the Owner does not provide heat or hot water. We will update you on any developments regarding this situation.

Other Councils

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The AOAC is composed of apartment building owners, managers and allied businesses. The groups join together to protect their rights and the earning power of their properties. The association monitors realty issues on a local, state and national level.

The Advisory Council of Managing Agents (ACMA)

ACMA is proud to emphasize its code, the efforts associated with it and the members of the association who strive to provide clients with the highest level of professional service. The council provides a number of membership services to help managers run their properties more efficiently.