Collective bargaining is a negotiation process in which a group of workers, often represented by a labor union, chooses a representative to advocate for better terms of employment. This representative undertakes negotiations on their behalf. The result of this negotiation is called a collective bargaining agreement, which is an employment contract that spells out wages, work schedules, employee benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.
Over 400 buildings in Westchester have a collective bargaining agreement with Local SEIU 32BJ and have chosen   the BRI to negotiate on their behalf, which means:
  • Both sides prepare
  • The parties agree to ground rules
  • Negotiating begins in earnest
  • Management and labor reach a tentative agreement
  • The union members vote to ratify the agreement
Within our agreement, our buildings are required to pay $6 per month into the Joint Industry Advancement Fund or (JIAF) for all employees governed by the agreement. The JIAF/BRI will send invoices quarterly unless a different schedule is discussed. Below is the link to the digital copy of the agreement.

Collective Bargaining Group Designation Form

The Cooperative or Condominium listed below designates and appoints The Building and Realty Institute as its sole agent for Collective Bargaining and execution of labor agreements, and the implementation thereof, with the Local 32-BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and this designation is for the remainder of the current agreement, any extension thereof and any new agreement as negotiated and executed. This designation shall remain in full force and effect for the contracts referred to above and any new subsequent contract unless terminated by notice in writing filed with the BRI within the proper time. Members of the Collective Bargaining Group are required by the current contract with SEIU 32 B-J to pay $6 per worker per month.Starting in January 2023, we are billing on a Quarterly basis. If you would like to be billed Monthly or Annually instead, you will have that option to choose your preference on this form.

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