Information for BRI Members About the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 Outbreak

Last Updated: April 15, 2021

Although Westchester County had the first recorded case of COVID-19 on March 1, the pandemic has become a statewide, national, and international crisis. Despite the success of measures like ramped-up testing and social distancing to curb the number of transmissions, number of hospitalizations, and the number of deaths, it is likely we will be living with the public health consequences and reimagining the way we conduct business in Westchester and the mid-Hudson Valley for at least months and, more likely, years.

The BRI will regularly update this page with links to the best practical information available on reasonable and effective precautions to keep those who live and work within your building or office safe. If you have a specific question or suggestion not listed below, please email us at or call us at 914-273-0730.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Preventing the spread of novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

What about emergency “social distancing”?

What has the Governor ordered for businesses in regards to emergency “social distancing”? What are the Phases for re-opening?

What should be done for construction workers to keep them safe at a job site?

What else should home builders and remodelers take into account when planning for construction in new or existing homes?

What should be done for other workers to keep them safe within an office?

How should I deal with employees who travel to states on New York's travel advisory mandatory quarantine list?

What does OSHA require in terms of record-keeping and job-related cases of COVID-19?

What do I need to take into account when opening the pool in my building?

What is the timeline and the requirements for gyms and fitness centers to re-open in New York?

What has the Governor ordered for public employees in regards to emergency “social distancing”?

What has the Governor ordered as relief for tenants during the state emergency?

How does "The COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020" affect landlords?

What renters are protected by the eviction moratorium? What does the order do/not do?

What have the Governor and County Executive Latimer done with regards to Westchester County property taxes during this state of emergency?

My co-op has an annual meeting happening soon — what do I do to comply with emergency “social distancing” measures?

Are housing co-ops eligible for PPP?

What about cleaning and disinfection?

How should I approach dealing with quarantined residents and/or employees?

What employment issues or scenarios should I prepare for?

What are the new paid sick leave policies that have been enacted in reaction to COVID-19?

What economic assistance programs for business owners or property owners have been put into place?

NYFLF Loans Now Open to Those Who Received PPP or EIDL Funding

Where should I go for additional health information on Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19?


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