Legislative Briefing – Albany

Event Details

  • Date/Time: Friday, February 3rd, 2023 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

The legislative session has begun for the State Assembly and State Senate. Between now and April 1, your legislators will be negotiating and ultimately passing some version of the Governor’s budget. This year, in addition to spending and taxation, the Governor has included her ambitious proposal to build 800,000 homes over 3 years through a combination of goals, incentives, and remedies for builders if a community fails to take action. She has also proposed changes to the minimum wage, addressing the climate crisis (including potential new mandates for housing) and other policies. Between April and June, the legislature will turn its attention to issues like “Good Cause” eviction, co-op taxation and admissions regulations, further changes to the state’s environmental laws, and many other issues that can have a dramatic effect on those who build, own, or operate residential and commercial buildings throughout the state.

BRI’s Government Affairs experts will break down for you what the issues at play are likely to be, how they might affect your business, and how you can use your voice to weigh in with decision-makers our region.

We’ll also talk to you about the importance of making an investment in our Stars and Stripes Political Action Committee (PAC) fund to support candidates who share our pro-housing, pro-smart growth, and pro-property rights values, or who have demonstrated a willingness to take the concerns of builders, landlords, property owners, property managers, and others in our industry into account.


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