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President Trump Has Big Proposals to Address the Needs of Our Nation’s Infrastructure

With the exception of Jefferson, we’ve never had
another builder as President, until now. Builders build.
The good ones not only build bridges and buildings,
but enduring relationships as well. Trump’s challenge
is not only to rebuild this nation, but to “bind up the
nation’s wounds.” It is the ultimate “art of the deal” if
he can pull this off and govern well. Trump is full of
surprises. It should be interesting.


Let’s take a look at Trump’s big plans for the nation’s infrastructure
needs. The details are, admittedly, sparse, but plans
have to start somewhere, and here is Trump’s “vision”
for our infrastructure.


This “American Infrastructure First” focus and
funding would result in the creation of thousands of
new jobs in construction, steel manufacturing and
related industries, products and services. New jobs
translate into more disposable income, new tax revenues more prosperity.


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