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Welcome Home Westchester Releases the “2 in ‘22” Agenda (ADUs & TOD)

Governor Hochul’s proposed $25 billion, five-year Housing Plan to preserve 100,000 affordable homes in both urban and rural communities, including 10,000 homes with support services for vulnerable populations, combined with a commitment to property tax relief, could very well be a game- changer for high-cost, high-tax communities within Westchester County.

We particularly commend Governor Hochul for her support for land use reform to make it easier to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in our communities (Part AA of the Article VII Education, Labor, and Family Assistance bill) and to develop Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD) (Part EE of ELFA) that would perfectly correspond to the “missing middle” of walkable communities which have worked so well in other suburban communities across the county.

Here’s a downloadable one-pager that explains why supporting ADU’s and TOD is a major benefit to the housing community:


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