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Welcome Home Westchester Releases 3-Minute Video on Building the Housing We Need

This 3 minute video explains the importance of building more housing of all different shapes and sizes — not just mansions and high-rises, but duplexes, townhouses, bungalows, accessory dwelling units, and transit-oriented developments — and what local cities, towns, and villages should consider in order to address the gap of 11,703 new units of housing cited in the 2019 Westchester County Housing Need Assessment.

The housing shortage in Westchester County is felt directly by those who live or work in the county but struggle to find affordable places to live, by new employers who are hesitant to move to the region if their workers cannot reliably find housing at their expected salaries, and by existing residents including seniors, millennials, people of color, middle-class families, and so many others. We all have a stake in Westchester becoming a more welcoming place to live!

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