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As part of her Executive Budget, Governor Kathy Hochul has proposed one of the most pro-housing and pro-construction agendas within generations. Named “The New York Compact,” it’s an attempt for the state to building 800,000 new homes in 3 years, including an estimated 10,000 here in Westchester County. The Governor has proposed:

* A clear target of increasing housing production by 3% for communities like ours in the MTA zone, with homes that are affordable for our workforce and middle-class families such that they will spend no more than 30% of their income on housing costs counting double towards that goal.

* Financial incentives to encourage more communities to adopt housing models that have a proven track record, like transit-oriented developments and accessory dwelling units, while also supporting communities who want to be a part of the solution with funding for infrastructure improvements, including sewer, water, parking, traffic, and school impacts – the very issues most commonly raised during public hearings.

* Deterrents and repercussions for denial and delay or other obstructions at the local level that have contributed time and again to the housing shortage made it too easy to create barriers to housing, create delays for approvals, pass the buck to other neighborhoods or other towns when it came to housing affordability, or failing to update local zoning codes to meet the needs of the community.

* And much more.

This webinar invites housing experts to explain what has been proposed, what it would look like for the cities, towns, and villages of Westchester County, and what we can do to keep this conversation about building the housing we need going with our members of the State Legislature.


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