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BLOG | Member Spotlight Series: Becky Nova’s Journey into Real Estate Investing

Becky Nova is a member of BRI’s Apartment Owners Advisory Council (AOAC). Learn more about her story below!

Becky Nova’s journey didn’t begin in real estate. In fact, she was a cancer researcher for years before she she dipped her feet into property investing. After going through a tough financial period while living overseas, Beckymoved back to her native state of New York and began realizing the potential of the real estate industry. In the span of only 3 years, she and her husband were able to buy 13 properties in both New York and the Dominican Republic. Through her investing, she was able to pull herself out of the unfortunate financial situation she was in merely years ago. Wanting to share her wealth of knowledge as an investor and property owner, Becky created Lady Landlords, a community that has catapulted to 30,000+ members. Beckycontinues to empower women to reach financial freedom through real estate investing.

Our Member Spotlight Series highlights BRI members making waves in their industries and how they are making a difference!

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