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A Review of New York State Paid Family Leave

Starting January 2018, Paid Family Leave became a mandatory benefit in New York. It provides employees with job protection & paid time off for qualifying events. To find out more about what events qualify and to see the benefit chart, click here for our

Rockland County Exec Withholds Critical Permits from Builders

Rockland County Executive Ed Day (R) recently issued an Executive Order that forbids County Departments from issuing necessary permits for developments that have not complied with the county planning department’s vision for development.  Failure to do so will result in the county refusing to issue […]

Albany Watch: A Focused Look at the 2017 Legislative Session

By The Riddell Group, Albany, N.Y. ALBANY – The Riddell Group (TRG) followed 36 Assembly Bills and 20 Senate Bills with over 95 percent having a negative impact on the building and realty industry sectors not only in Westchester County, but statewide. It all began […]

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