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Welcome Home Westchester

Grants from Westchester Community Foundation and Galvan Foundation Jumpstart Community Organizing Efforts of the Welcome Home Westchester Campaign

(ARMONK, N.Y.) The Welcome Home Westchester Campaign, a multi-stakeholder advocacy effort consisting of business and nonprofit leaders, homebuilders, academics, think tanks, faith leaders, and community advocates has been awarded financial support from the Westchester Community Foundation and the Galvan Foundation to expand its efforts in […]

Welcome Home Westchester Reacts to the FY2024 State Budget

(April 19, 2024) The Governor and the New York State Legislature have agreed on a $237 billion budget that includes a number of policies intended to help alleviate problems related to housing in the greater New York City area and statewide, including a couple that […]

Welcome Home Westchester Holds Boot Camp for Newly-Elected Officials

(February 15, 2024)¬†Today the Welcome Home Westchester campaign hosted 18 local and county officials at Pace University Law School in White Plains for “boot camp” style presentations and discussions on addressing the housing needs of our communities. The program was specifically designed for those who […]

Press Release: The Welcome Home Westchester Campaign Among Honorees for New York Housing Conference’s 2022 Public Service Award

CONTACT: Anika Nahar, Campaign Communications Coordinator The Building and Realty Institute of Westchester and the Mid-Hudson Region  The Welcome Home Westchester Campaign Among Honorees for New York Housing Conference‚Äôs 2022 Public Service Award (ARMONK, N.Y.) The Welcome Home Westchester campaign was recognized for its work in public service at […]

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