Stars & Stripes PAC

Your Political Action dollars AT WORK!

The BRI engages in proactive advocacy for the best interests of the building and realty industry to influence legislation and public policy through direct engagement with our elected officials and decision-makers, through partnership with like-minded organizations, and through clear and persuasive messaging to the voting public.

We need our members to make an investment in our industry with an investment in the Stars and Stripes Political Action Committee (PAC) fund to support candidates who share our pro-housing, pro-smart growth, and pro-property rights values, or who have demonstrated a willingness to take the concerns of builders, landlords, property owners, property managers, and others in our industry into account.

 In order to do so, we will allocate $50 of your annual dues to the Stars and Stripes Political Action Committee (PAC). We also STRONGLY encourage our members to consider giving at a higher level, either on behalf of and using the funds of the business, or as individuals.